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In terms of computer aided design (CAD) packages we accept and work with all standard drawing formats. We use SolidWorks, SolidEdge and AutoCAD routinely depending on the application. We can provide any combination of design concepts, working drawings and photo realistic images for brochures/publications.

We work internally with full 3D and also some 2.5D milling stations, have CO2 laser cutting systems and access to 3D printing facilities, both inkjet and more traditional FDM approaches. We provide paint shop and logo/branding design tools if required.

Where in house capacities are insufficient to meet your needs, we have developed links with external companies such as The Laser Company (polymer processing) , Kent Stainless (mild steel and stainless manufacturer), M+D Engineering(general CNC machining), Shapeways(3D printing) etc.

Mechanical Design