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GREENLIGHT was funded under an Enterprise Ireland Commercialisation Award. The aim of the project was to demonstrate the clinical and commercial potential of an ammonia breath monitor. GREENLIGHT focused on validating the potential for ammonia breath monitoring in markets such Chronic kidney disease (CKD),chronic liver disease (CLD) and gastric H.pylori infection.

As part of the project, there was a requirement for a number of prototypes to be built to allow the underpinning sensor technology be transferred from a research laboratory setting to a clinical testing environment. The device was designed such that, on introduction of the test cartridge, the system was fully automated and required no clinical or patient interaction from a hardware perspective. Through interaction with a software interface, the patient was prompted when to increase breathing or breath normally etc. The associated firmware then enable the internal mechanism of the system divert breath sample over the test sensor at appropriate times.

Our role focussed on the mechanical design elements of the project in terms of valving mechanism, reusable cartridge holder for the sensors and overall enclosure design.